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25 Tips For Launching Your Mobile App in 2015

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From marketing to tech to legal, there's a lot to learn before you launch your mobile app. My top three tips to a successful app launch in 2015 are Privacy, Privacy, Privacy.

Targeting kids with your app?: Make sure you comply with California’s new law “Privacy Rights for California Minors in the Digital World” effective January 1, 2015. Don’t be marketing tobacco, alcohol, tanning beds and a long list of other items to those under 18.

Is Your App Available in the EU or on a device that might be used in the EU?: You must comply with European Union privacy laws. Which means the end user needs the ability to consent to a lot of the ways in which the user’s data is processed.

Do you have a posted and easily accessible privacy policy in your App?: California has one of the most stringent privacy laws that applies to websites and mobile apps that target California residents. Since you can’t control who downloads your app, you must comply with The California Online Privacy Protection Act.

Penalties can vary for violations of these laws, but the California Attorney General actively pursues violators of the California Online Privacy Protection Act and has gone after Delta Airlines and Amazon for their non-compliance.

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