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Co-Branding Your Film or Product Launch - Getty Images and FOX join forces

02-25-15 © UnfinishedBusiness_StarStock

When you relate to a film, TV show or product, you are more likely to buy the item and recommend the product. In a great twist on marketing, Twentieth Century Fox has teamed up with Getty images to launch a line of stock photo images featuring the characters from the new film Unfinished Business. And, the photos are free to use for editorial purposes.

In the ramp-up to the film's launch, it may be hard to measure the return on investment of the "free" publicity from this co-branding relationship. The stock images are showing up all over the press as the initial 4 of 12 photos have been posted.

Fox seems to be taking a co-branding and marketing tip from Paramount in their marketing for Anchorman 2 in 2013.  In 2013, the Anchorman 2 marketing machine made deals to takeover the MSN and Huff Post websites as well as creating a user generated content social media frenzy.

How do you know what brand is the right fit for co-branding and helping to launch your new product or service? For an unknown or new brand, you have to know and understand the value you bring to the table before seeking out co-branding opportunities. Think local. Maybe there's a perfect relationship between a new restaurant and local micro-brewery. Consider what your consumers like to do, where they go, what they eat. If you can't reel in the big national fish, there's a good chance building a marketing relationship with a local business might just be the place to start.

In any co-branding or marketing agreement, make sure to spell out what each party is required to pay for and who owns any intellectual property that might be created as part of the relationship. Each side should be diligent in making sure their trademarks are properly and consistently used.

Vince Vaughn may not be your next spokesperson, but keep an eye out for a natural business relationship in your area.

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