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Tech And Music Industry Updates - Listen On Audible

Who knew Audible.com would be such a great resource for keeping up with the latest in the intersection of tech, copyright, and the music industry? I guess these days it's not so much an intersection as it is daily life that all three go together. Audible.com is now offering "Channels" with short-form news and podcast segments.

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For your listening enjoyment:

Tech Giants Boast an Edge in Music Streaming

Release Date: 07-25-16

Publisher: The Wall Street Journal

Written by: Hannah Karp

Narrated by: Alexander Quincy

Length: 5 mins


How Apple Sold a Million Drake Albums in Five Days

Release Date:05-07-16

Publisher: The Wall Street Journal

Written by: Hannah Karp

Narrated by: Paul Ryden

Length: 5 mins


Prince Went to Some Astounding Lengths to Protect His Music - and His Image

Release Date:04-25-16

Publisher: PRI's The World

Written by: Shirin Jaafari

Narrated by: Marco Werman

Length: 5 mins

Google Wins Java Copyright Case Against Oracle

"Google Wins Java Copyright Case Against Oracle" is from the May 26, 2016 Tech section of The Wall Street Journal. It was written by Jack Nicas and narrated by Alexander Quincy.

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