By Tamera H. Bennett April 11, 2007

The U.S. Copyright office announced they will launch online copyright application filing this Summer. The online filing fee will be $35 per application in comparison to $45 for paper filings.

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UPDATED 7/19/07 Here is the latest on the Beta Testing from the Copyright Office:

Thank you for your interest in the electronic Copyright Office (eCO) beta test. Two test groups comprising a total of 112 applicants have been contacted and are in the process of creating system accounts and submitting claims online. If you have not been contacted, please be patient as additional test groups will be selected throughout the beta test. We will post information related to the beta test online at Feel free to visit the website periodically for updates and announcements.

Our goal is to develop a robust, dependable and user-friendly online registration and records search system, and we are working diligently to achieve that goal. The eCO beta test will play a critical role in this effort.

Thank you again for your continued interest and for your patience. If you have any questions or comments about the eCO beta test, please contact us at

UPDATE 7/30/07 Bennett Law Office Selected to Participate in Beta Test of Online Copyright Application Filings.

We are excited to announce to our clients and colleagues that our office will be participating in the Beta testing of the new online copyright filing system.