Storm Chasing.... That's a Life

by Tamera H. BennettMay 3, 2007

Keep up with our friend and client Martin Lisius as he storm chases with reporter Richard Ray.

Reporter Richard Ray and Photographer David Tafalla are storm chasing this week with Arlington resident and famed weather photographer Martin Lisius. Martin is one of the most accomplished storm chasers in the world -- a Texas kid who grew up loving storms and photography.

He found a way to marry the two passions back in the late 1980s with his Prairie Pictures company. Each spring and summer he hits the road, chasing violent weather. He's amassed a huge library of stills and film and video and sells his work to Hollywood, for commercials and to TV stations.

In 2000, after the movie "Twister" (on which Martin served as a technical adviser) made storm chasing chic, he started Tempest Tours and began taking the tourists along for a week or ten days at a time. Rich has done a couple of Lone Star Adventures with him in the past and will produce another one based on what we get this week.

Attached to this story, there's video and commentary from Martin's successful encounter with a tornado in the Texas Panhandle last month.

A lot more good stuff can be found at Martin's website

Rich will be blogging regularly over the next couple of days. He and David have the capability of streaming back live video. Initially, at least it looks like they'll be headed for Abilene mid-day on Wednesday.