Dr. Dre and the Bankruptcy Rap

By: Tamera H. BennettSeptember 3, 2007

Rapper and Producer Dr. Dre (Andre Young) is seeking to reclaim the sound recording copyrights to the album "The Chronic" from now bankrupt record label Death Row Records.

Young is arguing that a 1996 agreement in which he conveyed the sound recording copyright to Death Row Records is rescinded because Death Row did not pay the royalties agreed to under the agreement. Young has asked the court for all back royalties as well as conveying the copyrights to him because Death Row Records did not fulfill their contract.

I have not been able to pull the file for this case from the bankruptcy court. If somebody out there has it, please post a link. Thanks so much.

UPDATE: 10/15/07 I hate to say this post was out of date news when posted.... After further research on the LA Bankruptcy site, it look as if Andre Young withdrew the referenced complaint one week after filing the complaint. Obviously a tactical move. I welcome comments from bankruptcy attorneys on this type of tactical move. Many of us were interested in reading the contract(s) between Young and Death Row Records. Those documents were not attached to the pleadings.