No More 7 Second Delay For 7 Dirty Words?

By Tamera H. Bennettposted October 20, 2008

On October 2, 2008 I was honored to be on a legal panel with Dale Head, Laura Prather and Scott Gilmore discussing the future of radio and its interaction with the music business at the 18th Annual Entertainment Law Institute in Austin.

One of the primary topics was a discussion of how far or how little we have travelled since George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words monologue and the following Supreme Court case in 1978.

Scott Gilmore, being a representive from radio, said that many stations can afford to have a double bleep system with a delay to catch any of those words from being broadcast. Smaller stations are the ones the suffer because the equipment simply costs too much.

Microsoft was just awarded a patent for a real-time bleep system. Read more.

Wonder if it works for “wardrobe malfunctions?”