2008 Top Posts at Current Trends

Posted by Tamera H. Bennett

The top blog post for 2009 on this blog based on traffic is Protecting Fraternal Trademarks: Delta Sigma Theta Settles.   What makes this such an exciting post ... the mention of the sorority Delta Sigma Theta. 

I was asked by Greg Lambert to list my favorite blog posts of 2008.    Three Geeks and a Law Blog have done a great job of highlighting blogs that are featured on Twitter. I narrowed it down to three posts.  The common theme between the posts is music publising.  I truly enjoy teaching others about how the world of music publishing works.

Alabama, Werewolves and “All Summer Long”- 08/21/08 It’s not everyday I get to blog about Kid Rock. So here goes. Have you heard the latest single “All Summer Long?” If so, you may have heard a few other tunes that took you back a few years. The song incorporates heavily the piano and guitar licks from “Sweet Home Alabama” as well as from Warren Zevon’s hit “Werewolves Of London.”

SongVest: Do You Really Own The Song? - 10/14/08 SongVest describes itself as “music memorabilia with royalty checks.”

BlogCast: “Barracuda” and the McCain/Palin Campaign



Welcome to our inaugural Create Protect Podcast or what I feel is more like a “BlogCast.” We will be providing a summary of the BlogCast along with the audio right here on the blog. We welcome your questions, comments and ideas on how to make this an educational tool you will use.

Wishing you all a fantastic 2009!