Why I Like Being A Texas Lawyer

Editor's note: Billable hours. Demanding bosses and clients. Student loans. A lack of civility. We all know the cons of being a lawyer, but what are the pros? Texas Lawyer asked lawyers across the state to tell us the top five reasons they like being lawyers. Texas Lawyer will run the "I Like Being a Lawyer" column periodically in the newspaper's "Out of Order" section. Contributors e-mailed their lists, which have been edited for length and style.Top 5 Reasons I Like Being a Texas Lawyer:


1. I like being part of the Texas legal community.  The support we extend and receive reminds me of how businesses supported one another in the old town square.  The success of my legal colleagues is a reflection on me.

2. I like working myself out of a job.  As a transactional entertainment lawyer and intellectual property attorney I help clients protect and leverage their IP with the plan that someday they will sell their assets.

3. I like that most days I get to listen to great music from talented singers/songwriters as part of helping maximize their earning potential.

4. I like being my own boss.  I'm the hardest boss I have ever had, but I am able to arrange my schedule to be involved in activities, such as being a Cub Scout den leader.

5. I like finding alternative solutions to issues facing my clients.  The ability to view a situation from all angles -- and be appreciated for that skill -- is very rewarding.

Originally published in Texas Lawyer, February 16, 2009 Vol. 24, No. 46. Reprinted with permission.