"Live Like You Mean It" Possible Trademark Dispute

by Tamera H. Bennettposted March 18, 2009

The State of Wisconsin's new slogan, "Live Like You Mean It," has drawn a lot of attention from across the US.   Not tourist, but other folks claiming trademark rights in the same phrase.

Gov. Jim Doyle said Monday the state will use "Live like you mean it" to promote Wisconsin as a tourism and business destination, replacing the slogan "Life's So Good."

The phrase "Live Like You Mean It" is being used as a brand identifier, ietrademark by the Fine Living network, which holds a federal registration and by a real estate developer, who also holds a federal registration. The mark is also being use on dietary supplements by another applicant who has a pending application.  These trademarks can co-exist because the likelihood of consumer confusion between the source of the various products/services is low.

The Wiki entry for Fine Living Network said the channel  adopted the slogan "Do More With Your Time And Money" in 2006.   So, they may not really care if the State of Wisconsin has adopted the same trademark.

After searching the USPTO records, I could not find a pending application for the mark filed for any entity associated with the State of Wisconsin. Perhaps they have filed in the last few days and the database does not reflect their application.