Copyright Office ECO Not Speeding Up Process

by Tamera H. BennettPosted May 21, 2009

And I thought it was just me  1) wondering when  my clients' late 2007 and early 2008 paper filed copyright applications were going to register; 2) struggling to use the new ECO system....

Read More From The Washington Post:

The trouble is twofold. Workers say the electronic system is slow and prone to crashing. Managers say the challenge has been retraining the staff to use the system. Both sides agree the more significant problem is the fact that much of the public is still using paper applications, which must be painstakingly entered by hand into the new electronic database.

About 45 percent of applications are still in paper form. The staff is spending so much time handling the paper claims, it doesn't have enough time to process electronic applications, which has created delays for online claims now, too. It now takes six months to process electronic claims when it should take one month.

Updated 5/26/09: Read more commentary from the Plagiarism Today blog.