Michael Jackson Had A Will In Place... Maybe

by Tamera H. Bennettposted June 29, 2009

UPDATED 2:45 pm July 1, 2009: Michael Jackson's last will and testament is circulating on the web and was allegedly filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court today.  Click here for a copy of the WillClick here for a nice summary from The Hollywood Reporter Esq. Blog.

UPDATED 12:00 pm, June 30, 2009: Click here to review the Petition for Letters of Special Administration filed on June 29, 2009 by Mrs. Katherine Jackson to serve as Temporary administrator of Michael Jackson's estate.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the "2002 Will" may be filed with the Superior Court in Los Angeles as early as Thursday this week.

Attorney John Branca told the Hollywood Reporter today that the "Will" is to be filed in the next 48 hours.

UPDATED 3:15 pm, June 29, 2009: Yahoo and CNN are reporting Mrs. Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson, has filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court to serve as the administrator of Jackson's Estate.  Ms. Jackson also alleges Michael Jackson died without a valid will.

Let the will contests begin.....

PRIOR POST: Billboard reported over the weekend here and here that Michael Jackson did have a written will.  Supposedly the last will and testament was executed in 2002 after the birth of his third child.  There may be codicils (amendments to the will) or a completely new will that was created later than 2002, but all of this is speculation.

As I blogged here last week, there could always be challenges to the estate planning documents such as the will or any trusts that were in place at Michael Jackson's death.