Entertainment Law Update Podcast 3 and 4


by Tamera H. Bennett Ready for your monthly dose of all things entertainment law?  Talk about speed reading ... this is speed listening.  Each episode is a great hour of the latest news impacting entertainment lawyers and their clients.

As always, thank you to attorney Gordon Firemark for allowing me to co-host the program.

Episode 4 Topics Include:Copyright Office Regulation Changes Updates on J.D. Salinger Copyright Dispute Joel Tenenbaum Admits to File Sharing Prevailing Party and Purposeful Availment  in 9th Circuit Reebok Endorsement Erin Andrews Photo College Athletes' Right of Publicity The Pope's View on Intellectual Property Laws The Wall Street Bull Case and The Little Mermaid Case Copyright Issues in the Obama Poster Lego Brand v. Spinal Tap

Episode 3 Topics Include: Copyright Office Fee Increase and BackLog Web Radio Settlement ASCAP: Is A Cell Phone Ring A Public Performance Jammie Thomas – Rassett loses file sharing suit brought by RIAA JD Salinger prevents publication of new book Google Class Action Update Joel Tenenbaum Continued RIAA Litigation Fair Use Update Canned Music In The Theatre Protecting The Chocolate Lindt Bunny Special Guest Spot on Defamation Issues with Adrianos Fachetti.