Gucci $4.6 Million Trademark Victory Over Guess

Gucci brand of designer accessories and footwear wins $4.6 million trademark infringement verdict against fashion brand Guess.  Three years after Gucci filed suit, the court made a damage award as well as granted a permanent injunction blocking Guess from using the green-red-green stripes, a stylized "Square G," and a group of four interlocking "G"s known as a "Quattro G."  Each of those individual marks are found on the shoe pictured above. Here's a link to the court's opinion.

The Gucci "green-red-green" stripe, around since the 1960's, received a trademark registration in 1979.  While not at all similar to the Adidas brand "three stripes," you might be interested in our recent post on Adidas brand's efforts to protect its three stripes.