Newsboys v. New Boyz Band Name Trademark Dispute

Christian rockers Newsboys have 28 No. 1 singles and have been together for 26 years.  They are just a little upset over possible consumer confusion with the rapper duo New Boyz. New Boyz, around since 2009, just released a direct to DVD movie and is currently on a European tour.

With the continued consolidation of the record business, the overlap of genres on terrestrial radio and especially on services such as Pandora and Last.FM,  Newsboys may have more than a blush of a claim that a music consumer could be confused between the two band names.  The test in trademark infringement is whether or not a consumer is likely to be confused that a song or records released by one band was actually released by the other band.  If you saw a New Boyz CD you might think it was the Newsboys.

There is a trademark registration with the US Patent & Trademark Office for NEWSBOYS for entertainment services; namely, live musical performances of a religious nature rendered by a group.  The registration is incontestable and issued on March 29, 1994.  Interesting side note -- the owner of the mark is Wes Campbell, the manager of the Newsboys (that tidbit is a topic of discussion for another day on what a band should never do).

I did not find any trademark filings for New Boys.