Ambush Marketing, FIFA World Cup 2014

Image copyright Dirk Vorderstrabe CC 2.0

Image copyright Dirk Vorderstrabe CC 2.0

Updated 7/11/14 -

FIFA banned players from wearing Beats in World Cup stadiums and official media events, distributing headphones made by official sponsor Sony instead.


Ambush marketing is the act of a product or service trying to attach itself to a big event without being an official sponsor of the event -- and without paying the big bucks of sponsorship. While VISA® "Is Everywhere," some brands only shine during their moments of ambush.  As consumers we expect a certain quality of product from the official sponsors.  The official sponsors invest a lot of money, energy and time in hopefully delivering a quality product or service.

Here's a round up of stories on brands, trademarks and potential ambush marketing in Brazil during the FIFA World Cup 2014: