Entertainment Law Update Podcast - Episode 110 and Bonus 110A Tamera Bennett and Gordon Firemark

Podcast Ep 110 110a Tamera Bennett Gordon Firemark Entertainment Law Update Podcast

Listen to Dallas-area music lawyer Tamera Bennett and Los Angeles film lawyer Gordon Firemark discuss the latest entertainment law issues on the Entertainment Law Update Podcast.

Gordon and Tamera have two great episodes for June. Episode 110 is the standard roundup of legal and business news stories, where they share their opinions, commentary, and analysis. Episode 110A is a Bonus Episode discussing the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the F.U.C.T. trademark case.

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In Episode 110 of the Entertainment Law Update Podcast, Tamera and Gordon discuss the latest news and cases involving copyright, trademark, film, TV, and other entertainment law issues.

These cases and much more on this episode of the Entertainment Law Update Podcast.

In Bonus Episode 110A, Tamera and Gordon dive into the SCOTUS decision in Iancau v. Brunetti. Mr. Brunetti attempted to register the trademark F.U.C.T. for clothing items. His registration was denied because of a section of the Lanham Act that prohibited trademark registration for marks deemed “immoral” or “scandalous.”

On June 25, 2019, in a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court struck down the “immoral” or “scandalous” section of the Lanham Act as discriminating on the basis of viewpoint and violating the First Amendment. Writing for the Court in the Majority opinion, Justice Kagan states: “It distinguishes between two opposed sets of ideas: those aligned with conventional moral standards and those hostile to them; those inducing societal nods of approval and those provoking offense and condemnation. This facial viewpoint bias in the law results in viewpoint discriminatory application.”

Listen to Episode 110A for Tamera and Gordon’s thoughts on the case.

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