au·then·tic (ôˈTHentik) adj. of undisputed origin; genuine.

The historic Main and Mill area of Lewisville, Texas was founded over 150 years ago circa 1840. You walk down Main Street and “authentic” and “character” are the first words to pop to mind.

Texas trademark and media lawyer Tamera Bennett has called the Main and Mill historic district her business home since 2001. The 132 West Main Building, where attorney Tamera Bennett's office is located, was built in 1911 and served as the town’s drug store and grocery store in the early 1900's. 


Just a few doors west of Tamera Bennett’s office is the Greater Lewisville Community Theater building. Built in 1885, it is the oldest standing structure in Lewisville. 

If you travel East through the intersection at Main and Mill, you find the Lewisville Feed Mill building. The feed and livery stable opened in 1886 and was the city’s longest continuously operating business when it closed in late 2011.

The Main and Mill area is bustling with retail and professional office spaces and serves as the “urban core” for Lewisville, Texas. The DCTA train station is a half-mile walk from Main and Mill.

Learn more about the history of Lewisville, Texas at the city's website.