trade·mark (ˈtrādˌmärk) n. a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.

Dallas,Texas trademark attorney Tamera Bennett's Flat-Fee Trademark Package

  • Initial intake consultation with a Trademark Professional

  • Attorney consultation discussing trademark strength and choice considerations

  • Trademark lawyer works with the client to craft the description of goods and services

  • Knock-out search for potential barriers to trademark registration

  • Written opinion of a trademark lawyer on feasibility and analysis of success of trademark application

  • PDF of all correspondence filed with and received from the USPTO

  • Status reports as your trademark application progresses at the USPTO

Complete the Trademark Questionnaire below to get started.

Trademark Questionnaire

The questionnaire below has been designed to help our firm gather preliminary data to facilitate the trademark application process. Please answer all questions as truthfully and completely as possible. Please contact the office with any questions.  Answering the questions does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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(Examples: If you are selling shoes, that would be your primary product. If you provide business development coaching, that would be your primary service.)

Additional trademark law services provided by Denton County, Texas trademark attorney Tamera Bennett.

  • Trademark portfolio management

  • Filing trademark registration renewals and affidavits

  • Responding to trademark office actions

  • Domestic and foreign licensing of trademarks

  • Trademark and right of publicity clearance

  • Draft and negotiate trademark licenses and distribution agreements

  • Endorsement and sponsorship agreements

  • Trademark Mediation