Songwriters Seek Day in Court

By Tamera H. BennettSeptember 24, 2007

Songwriters Dave Brainard, Dustin Evans and Tim Matthews sued country artist Phil Vassar, his record label Sony BMG, songwriter Craig Wisemen and his publishing company Big Loud Shirt for copyright infringement of the song "Good Ole Days." The song was released by Sony BMG in 2004

All three songwriters are signed with ASCAP as their performing rights organization and have the song listed under the title "Good Ole Days To Come."

Phil Vasser and Craig Wiseman are also with ASCAP. They are listed as co-writers of songs entitled "Good Ole Days" and "Good Ol Days." Phil Vassar is an accomplished and successful songwriter as well as recording artist. Wiseman is an award winning songwriter having penned hits recorded by Vassar, Tim McGraw, and Trace Adkins to name a few.