FREECYCLE: My Work and Life Converging


by Tamera H. Bennett September 28, 2007

It is nice when there are moments in time when I can separate work from the rest of my life. What I did not know last week when I joined The Freecycle Network(TM) to place a request for a folding table to use with my Cub Scout Den was that Freecycle is in the midst of its own little trademark issue. Once again, convergence of work and the rest of my life. (Don't you hate going on vacation in the Caribbean and seeing all the trademark infringements ... I just need a little separation! Sorry for the aside).

Marty Schwimmer and Rebecca Tushnet provide insight into this trademark issue.

Here is the link to trademark usage guidelines provided for use of the trademark The Freecycle Network(TM).

On another side note about separating work and life ... I will be vacationing on the lovely island of St. Martin next month. If anybody needs me to take pictures or make buys of infringing product, just give me a ring.