IP Blogs I Read

by Tamera H. BennettPosted December 5, 2008

Part 1 of 2

Between newsfeeds, blogs, Twitter, and other social networking cites we are often bombarded with information and have a difficult time sorting the wheat from the chaff. I wanted to share some of the great daily resources I use to keep abreast of legal and business changes as they relate to copyright, trademark and entertainment law matters.

Most of my favorite blogs are on my Google homepage where I read the headlines via an RSS Feed. This helps me determine if I need to jump out and read more details. The blogs are loosely grouped by topic, but not by any other ranking system.

The Trademark Blog Attorney Marty Schwimmer’s blog provides current information on trademark litigation cases and trademark news topics. You will also find a sprinkling of copyright and right of publicity topics. Mr. Schwimmer has been blogging since 2002, so there is a lot of content available.

The TTAB Blog® Attorney John Welch blogs about TTAB decisions. If I have an office action or I am preparing any filing for the TTAB, I check Mr. Welch’s blog for the latest information and decisions. If you have a trademark practice, Mr. Welch’s blog is the place to start your research session when you have legal questions. And yes, that is a trademark registration symbol next to the name of the blog. The trademark is registered in International Class 41 for an online blog. The mark secured registration on the principal trademark register only after a showing of secondary meaning.

Counterfeit Chic Attorney and law professor Susan Scafidi does an amazing job tying fashion and the law together in a neat little box with a bow on top. As the title alludes, there is a lot of discussion of counterfeit garments and accessories. What is really fun about this blog is the great use of visual images to show you the real vs. the fake. It’s an enjoyable read as well as educational.

Know The Music Biz This is a new rss feed I am watching. It tends to provide solid content and commentary on changes in the music business. We will see if it stays on my desktop.

The Licensing Plate The Licensing Plate is also a relatively new blog that I am watching to determine the quality and timeliness of its content. The blog tends to have concise information on the latest in licensing news across a wide range of topics: film, music, tv, charity, new media, sports, video games, etc.

Current Trends in Copyright, Trademark & Entertainment Law Is there a vanity issue when you have your own blog on your newsfeed? I keep my on blog on my desktop newsfeed so I can make sure that new articles are being picked up and posted appropriately.

The Patry Copyright Blog Unfortunately, there have been no legal updates to this blog since August 2008. Attorney and professor William Patry decided to put down his blogging quill. I believe the archived posts found here are one of the best free resources available for copyright disputes and copyright law interpretation. Bookmark this cite for legal research.

Be watching for Part 2 where I highlight the resources I “Follow” on Twitter.