When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best® …. you know what you send, a Hallmark® brand card. What if you want to send something a little different this holiday season or you just truly wish to share in the joy of all beliefs? You might consider a card from one of the folks below.

CHRISMAHANUKWANZAKAH – The trademark application was approved in 2005 for greeting cards, telecommunication services and online greeting cards. Unless the statement of use was filed in November 2008, the application abandoned for non-use. Oh, and this was filed by Virgin Mobile.

CHRISTMAHANUKWANZMADAN – The trademark application was filed in 2007 based upon an intention to use in interstate commerce for greeting cards and clothing items. The application is currently suspended awaiting the outcome of the CHRISMAHANUKWANZAKAH application owned by Virgin Mobile. They might just slip in if the USPTO TARR records are correct and no statement of use was filed.

HANARAMAKWANZMAS – The trademark application was filed in 2006 for greeting cards and was pronounced dead in 2007. The applicant failed to respond to a likelihood of confusion refusal based on the mark HANNUMAS. Huh, if they had responded they probably would have had some good arguments for distinguishing the two marks.

Marks not to be used on greeting cards, but similar still the same….

CHRISTMAHANRAMAKWAN – The trademark application was filed in 2006 based upon use for t-shirts and intent to use for a list longer than Santa’s naughty list for other clothing items. The application was abandoned for failure to overcome an initial “ornamental refusal.” Remember, the trademark office will not accept a slogan across the front of a t-shirt. You are going to have so show use on hangtags, tags, product packaging, etc.

CHRISMAHANUKWANZAKAH -- The trademark application was filed in 2005 based on intent to use for advertising and marketing services. The application was expressly abandoned by the applicant. Wonder if they received a holiday present in the form of a cease and desist letter?

Truly wishing you a holiday season of peace, joy, love, and friendship.