Entertainment Law Update Podcast 2


by Tamera H. Bennett Had another great time co-hosting the Entertainment Law Update Podcast

with attorney Gordon Firemark.  You can hear, download and subscribe to the podcast here.

Topics (with lots of links) include:

  • Congratulations to Maren Christensen, Executive VP and General Counsel at Universal Studios,  who’s been named Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Entertainment Lawyer of the Year for 2009.
  • Supreme Court Nominee  Sotomayor’s background and 2nd Circuit ruling in favor of statutory damages as deterrent.
  • Backlog at the Copyright Office.
  • Does the Register of Copyrights hold office lawfully?  A pending Constitutional Appointments Clause challenge  questions the validity of CRB appointments, but what about the Register’s ministerial Acts?
  • Sports Leagues losing control of fantasy-sports leagues as Courts rule that the First Amendment trumps rights of publicity, and player statistics, etc., where there’s a public interest in the information.
  • Good discussion of “Access” element of copying analysis in ruling on Summary Judgment for Defendant in song plagiarism suit.
  • Warner Music issues DMCA Takedown on Organization that hosted Prof. Lessig talk
  • Woody Allen/American Apparel case settles
  • SAG settles Force Majeure claims
  • Tenenbaum’s fair use argument - Case is set for trial July 20.