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Here are a few things I've been Tweeting about today.  Please follow me on Twitter.   www.twitter.com/tamerabennett WSJ LAW BLOG Legal Liberals Ponder How Best to Lose: Since Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's departure, .. http://bit.ly/lrTUY

CREATEPROTECT Producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show Sued For Copyright Infringement http://bit.ly/4a6VRd

Time Warner Sued for Copyright Infringement. Unlicensed song masters in The Ellen Degeneres Show. http://bit.ly/pAZKn

A&E Sued for Copyright Infringement of "Rocky Top" http://bit.ly/7ClvS

WSJ LAW BLOG Russian Libel Case Ballooning Into Referendum on Stalin: An article in the Christian Sc.. http://bit.ly/o1sJM

How music became an industry: on 'Selling Sounds' - Los Angeles Times: How music became an industry: on 'Sel.. http://bit.ly/4DaNHD