Songwriter's Estate Settles With Trust for Music Royalties

Estate of Darrell "Wayne" Perry

Country songwriter Darrell "Wayne" Perry died in 2005 but his estate was not resolved until July 2010.  Perry wrote songs including Tim McGraw's number one country hit, “Not A Moment Too Soon.”  Perry’s children sued their aunt, the executor of the estate, for wrongful death of their father in addition to mismanagement of the estate assets.

I have been unable to pull from the court records any of the court documents but provide this information to the case for reference.  Estate of Darrell W. Perry, PE05-06-0659 (Butler Co. Ohio Probate Ct. decision July 26, 2010).

News reports state that Perry’s sister, Darlene Bishop, was appointed executor.  This could have been via a will or the court may have made the appointment. Based on the animosity Perry’s children have openly displayed against Ms. Bishop, I am assuming there was a simple will involved that appointed Ms. Bishop the executor.

Whatever planning there was on Mr. Perry’s part pre-death, the court found the best plan was taking Mr. Perry’s songwriter royalty income and placing that in trust for his children's benefit.   Read this article from USA today for more information: Court Settles Estate of Songwriter Darren 'Wayne' Perry, USA Today (note the article title references Mr. Perry’s name incorrectly).