Protecting An Artist's Legacy Through Estate Planning: Dallas Bar CLE

In the US alone, thousands of copyright creators and/or copyright owners die each year.  How many of these folks create a comprehensive estate plan, or even a basic will or simple trust?  The goal of estate planning is to minimize the potential for probate litigation, make life easier for those left behind, and to preserve an artist's legacy. All to often we see cases where artists simply failed to plan for the protection and/or distribution of their estate.  Perhaps even more heart-breaking and legally interesting are the cases where the plan failed and the heirs, with the assistance of the court, were able to override the estate plan.

Austin based music and estate planning lawyer Ken Pajak and Dallas based music publishing lawyer Tamera H. Bennett presented "Protecting An Artist's Legacy Through Estate Planning:  Probate and Post -Death Administration of an Artist's Rights to the Sports and Entertainment Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association on May 25, 2011.

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By clicking on the names you can read more on the estates of Bobby Fischer, Jack Kerouac, Darrell "Wayne" Perry, and James Brown.