Estate Updates On Bobby Fischer and James Brown

Where there's money ... there will be battles.... Bobby Fischer's Estate: An Icelandic Court's ruling may have ended the running dispute as to who is the actual heir to renowned chess player Bobby Fischer.  I blogged here about the dispute between the person claiming to be his child and the women claiming to be his wife.  DNA testing ruled out the child as an heir.  The court ruled in March 2011 that documentation was sufficient to prove a women from Japan was his wife at his death at would inherit his 2 Million dollar estate.

James Brown's Estate: There really is no end in sight for the dispute between the heirs over the James Brown Estate. I blogged here on the ongoing dispute between Brown's heirs and Brown's alleged heirs regarding his estate plan that included the bulk of his estate going to a charitable trust.  An action has now been filed to overturn a 2009 Settlement Agreement that allocated a portion of his estate to heirs that were not specifically named in his will. By the court's action in approving the 2009 Settlement Agreement, the corpus of the charitable trust was substantially reduced.