Ambush Marketing London 2012 & McDonald's Exclusive Right to French Fries

Here's a look at more press on Ambush Marketing surrounding the 2012 Olympic Games: Australia's Olympic Committee, enforcing a 30 day ban on none approved ads, required the industry lobby group, Australian Mining - This Is Our Story, to pull a television and online ad featuring the 10-time world champion and Olympic gold and silver medalist Ann Meares.  Meares, unaware of the launch of the campaign, appears in the video in cycling gear branded with her sponsor BHP Billiton's logo as she talks about her campaign to win gold in London.

Meares has also been required to remove a TOSHIBA logo from her racing clothes.  And the Australian Olympic Committee is actively monitoring consumer electronic companies for any engagements in ambush marketing.

While not ambush marketing,

McDonald's has the exclusive right to serve French Fries at the Games

, unless of course its "fish and chips."   Maybe a cleaver ambush marketing team could show up dressed in french fry or "chips" costumes to an event?  Or, what if folks decided to not order any fries at McDonald's?  Could McDonald's exclusive rights back-fire?

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