Ambush Marketing & Social Networking at London Olympics 2012 Part 1

Every great sporting event brings out ambush marketers.  From the Super Bowl to the World Series to the Olympics, brands jockey for news coverage and exposure.  Ambush marketing is the act of a product or service trying to attach itself to a big event without being an official sponsor of the event -- and without paying the big bucks of sponsorship. While VISA® "Is Everywhere," some brands only shine during their moments of ambush.  As consumers we expect a certain quality of product from the official sponsors.  The official sponsors invest a lot of money, energy and time in hopefully delivering a quality product or service.

Here's a round-up of articles on ambush marketing popping up a few weeks prior to the 2012 Games:

  • Bloggers at the London games have been warned that "Participants and other accredited persons are not permitted to promote any brand, product or service within a posting, blog or tweet or otherwise on any social media platforms or on any websites," the IOC said.