I Can't Remember The Alamo Trademark Dispute

Qwerky, Ltd., the owner of Swig Martini Bar in San Antonio, Texas is facing the big guns of Texas in a dispute over the trademark "I Can't Remember The Alamo" for drinking glasses, t-shirts and restaurant/bar services. The State of Texas, by the General Land Office, owns several registrations for "The Alamo" for museum services and gift shop services.   The Great State of Texas also claims common law trademark rights in the phrase "Remember The Alamo."  The State of Texas filed an opposition with the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board to block the federal registration of "I Can't Remember The Alamo" claiming  the restaurant's use of the mark conveys a false suggestion or connection with The Alamo and is likely to confuse consumers.

Qwerky's response to the Opposition is due September 25, 2012.

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