Denton Trademark Lawyer Tamera Bennett Guest On Marketing Podcast

Texas trademark lawyer Tamera H. Bennett joins host Nick Augustine on the LawTalkRadio Podcast and shares tips for marketing and branding firms who want to avoid trademark pitfalls and lawsuits.

Topics covered in the 30 minute interview:

  • Tell us a little about yourself and why you chose to practice trademark law;
  • Describe a typical client and the trademark services your firm provides;
  • For marketing and branding firms, what are some trademark pitfalls?
  • What can happen if a creative firm/client gets sued for TM infringement?
  • How do you help trademark owners learn how to leverage their marks?
  • Do creative firms frequently use trademark lawyers for their client work?
  • Are there any resources you recommend to people who want to learn more?

Tamera H. Bennett is a wife, mom, lawyer, mediator, blogger, podcaster, and legal writer. With fifteen years in law practice, Tamera guides clients in licensing of materials to and from third parties. In addition to music licensing, trademark application prosecution and trademark licensing agreements, Tamera advises clients on co-branding, product placement, endorsement and sponsorship agreements. 

Bennett Law Office, PC , 132 West Main Street, Lewisville, Texas 75057, Phone: (972) 244-3210, Website Link

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