How Do I File A Trademark Application?


Do I Need A Trademark Lawyer?

Most business owners ask themselves do I need a trademark attorney to file a trademark application? Having a trademark attorney on your product or service branding team is key to success.  A trademark lawyer can spot potential pitfalls and help you navigate the complex application and follow-up process with the USPTO. 

While anyone can file a trademark application with the USPTO, there are intricacies to:

  • determining the strength of your trademark;
  • reviewing how other people might be using the same or similar trademark; and
  • appropriately answering the questions on the trademark application.

The job of a trademark attorney is to guide you in selecting a strong trademark; help you in navigating the application process; counseling you in your options if your trademark application is refused (office action issued); and preparing you for what happens after you secure a registration.

How Can I Educate Myself On The Trademark Process?

You can prepare and file a federal trademark application online with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Here's a link to the USPTO website.   Another great resource from the Trademark Office is the Trademark Basic Facts for small business owners.

Follow this link for more Trademark Basics from Texas Trademark Lawyer Tamera Bennett.

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