Product Placement: What's Your Shade of Lipstick?

by Tamera H. BennettOctober 1, 2007

I was watching a rerun of "The Closer" tonight and suddenly a REVLON gift bag was in focus with Kyra Sedgwick as she tried on new shades of lipstick. There was even a drop of the product name and lipstick shade in the script.

Revlon also had product placements in the new series "Side Order of Life." This placement was quite a bit more obvious. In addition, Revlon purchased a lot of commercial airtime in the particular episode with the product placement.

On the search for other interesting product placements for Revlon lipstick. Please post any other sightings.

If anyone has any ideas or links on how much money Revlon is spending to reach me, their target market, please let me know.

(I did not get to watch all the episodes of "Saving Grace." Shoot me know if Holly Hunter's character starts wearing Revlon.)

Update: It looks like the link referenced by the underline of "Revlon Gift Bag" will not work unless you sign up for a MediaPost account. It is an interesting article on product placement in "The Closer." Relvon is not the only brand that is making a guest appearance with Kyra Sedgwick.